The Prince and the Wooglefoof

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The Prince and the Wooglefoof is a world-premiere new musical, written by Jessica Penzias and based on the book “The Prince’s New Pet” by Brian Anderson.

Thematically, umbrellas are often the only source of color when the weather outside may be grey. The white umbrellas in my design work as an element of the newly grey kingdom. However, they also act as canvases for the added colorful light as the kingdom transforms back to color.

Set Designer
University of Pennsylvania, Stimulus Children’s Theatre. Director: Duval Courteau
November 2018
Scenic Design

Welcome to the grayest kingdom you’ve ever seen. Five years ago, the colorful queen passed away, and the king banished color from the kingdom in his grief. Now, the kingdom is shrouded in gray, overseen by the royal Color Catcher. At the prince’s tenth birthday party, he gets a mysterious, magical surprise: a cuddly, colorful creature called a Wooglefoof! Will the prince and the Wooglefoof be able to bring a splash of color back to the kingdom?

The Grayest Kingdom

Grayest Birthday Ever

Tone it Down

Tone it Down

A Wooglefoof Appears

Smogafier 2000

New Shade Parade

Nothing Gets By Me

The Dungeon

I Feel a Feeling

The Prince’s Bedroom

Living in Color (Finale)

Set with Color

Umbrella Closeups

Concept Sketches

Ground Plan

Vectorworks Rendering