This production of Pippin was heavily based around the idea of the temporary traveling troupe. I looked at research from Medieval architecture as well as passion plays. Additionally, I took influence from 1950's metal/tin toys, as I especially loved their intricate patterns and colors. Even though this design had many sources of inspiration, I feel as though they blended together to create a unified space for the story to unfold.

Set Designer
University of Pennsylvania, Quadramics. Director: Shailly Pandey
April 2018
Scenic Design

Preshow Look

Magic To Do

Magic To Do

Corner of the Sky

Charlemagne’s Court

War is a Science


Manson Trio

With You (Part 2)

Royal Chapel at Arles

Morning Glow

On the Right Track

Extraordinary (Catherine’s Estate)

Love Song

The Finale (Part 1)

The Finale (Part 2)


Selected Research

Ground Plan

Concept Sketch

Concept Sketches