Wonderful Town

When designing Wonderful Town, I wanted to create an environment that blended realistic features and structures with an over exaggerated color scheme that was similar to some of the paintings of the 1930’s. I came up with the phrase “palette enhanced realism” to describe the set. A lot of the larger pieces of the set are crafted in realistic ways, while the colors have a more vibrant tone to them. For example, the buildings on the either side of the proscenium are fully rendered with window ornaments, bricks, trim, and even fire escapes but are colored in blues and reds instead of more natural or realistic colors.

Set Designer
Horace Mann School, Director: Woody Howard
February 2016
Scenic Design

Opening Scene (Christopher Street)

Basement Apartment

Close up of Apartment Window

The Streets of New York

Street Outside Apartment

News Editor’s Office


Brooklyn Navy Yard #1

Brooklyn Navy Yard #2

Police Station

Village Vortex Club #1

Village Vortex Club #2

Christopher Street Model

Apartment and Yard Model

SR Proscenium Building Drawing

Apartment Flat Drawing