Legally Blonde

When designing Legally Blonde, one of the biggest challenges was all of the locations in which the play takes place. One of the things we tried to do was find similarities between all of the settings. We found that the Greek Temple was an image that appears often throughout the story, representing everything from the Delta Nu sorority house, buildings at Harvard, and the courtroom. On a more conceptual level, we also thought of the Greek Temple representing the establishment and the patriarchy that Elle is constantly fighting throughout the progression of the show. The plain white pediment and columns are lit with pink in moments when Elle has her big moments (such as getting into Harvard and receiving Callahan’s internship.)

Lighting Designer, Co-Set Designer
Horace Mann School, Director: Ben Posner
April 2017
Scenic Design, Lighting Design

Omigod You Guys

The Mall


What You Want pt. 1

What You Want pt. 2

Harvard Variations

Blood in the Water


Chip On My Shoulder

Dewey’s Trailer

So Much Better

Whipped Into Shape pt. 1

Whipped Into Shape pt. 2

Bend and Snap

There Right There!

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde Remix (Irish Dance)

Find My Way

Set Model (Elle’s Room)

Set Model (Hair Salon)

Set Model (Courtroom)

Lighting Magic Sheet

Ground Plan

Trailer Drafting