Spring Awakening

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My concept for Spring Awakening was heavily based around the omnipresent force of Christianity as well as how in the dark the children are about true adult life. Much of the set is a massive wall which appears incredibly burnt, reinforcing the idea that there is something secret on the other side. The wall evolves over the show, such as segments being removed and serving as trees for forest scenes. In addition, there is a religious-alter like platform center stage where Melchior and Wendla initiate their sac-religious relationship, further demonstrating their rebellion against the world around them.

Set Designer
University of Pennsylvania, Penn Players. Director: Ryan Hazelbaker
December 2017
Scenic Design

Preshow Look

Mama Who Bore Me

The Classroom + Teacher Projection

B*tch of Living

The Bridge/My Junk

The Forest

Teacher Projections

The Dark I Know Well

Moritz Reaches for the Gun

The Hay Loft

I Believe

Moritz’s Grave

Totally F**ked

Melchior’s Reformatory

Song of Purple Summer

Scale Model

Selected Research

Wall Progression Sketches

Concept Sketches