Into The Woods

When designing Into the Woods, I strived to reinforce the idea that all of the characters in the play are connected. In the play, fairytales from many different stories are brought together thru a baker and his wife sand their mission to have a child. My Proscenium arch and legs are tree trunks, with the trees and branches all joining above. I wanted the legs to be connected in some way, so I have a bundle of branches, twigs, leaves, and thorns. The connection of the legs is used as a device to reinforce the idea that the stories are all connected. The cottages that come onstage are styled and customized for the families/people living in them. The baker’s cottage has a brick bread oven and chimney. Cinderella and Jack’s cottages are opposites of each other. Cinderella’s is filled with trinkets and riches that belong to her stepmother, while Jack’s is very simple where everything has a purpose.

Set Designer
April 2015
Design Project

Rendering #1

Rendering #2

Scene Thumbnails

Baker’s Cottage Model #1

Baker’s Cottage Model #2